I am currently pursuing a degree in Cybersecurity at Fleming College. I have 3 years of junior programming experience from First Robotics Challenge (2017-2020). I have experience as a financial analyst doing SQL and KPA dashboard for Greenfield Global (2017). My first production programming experience was with CubeCraft in 2021. During the entire period from 2017 to the present I have been educating myself through practice projects and taking advantage of school resources.

I am currently open for remote work, you may contact me in the footer.

I am comfortable with Java, C++ and Rust. I haven’t really focused on Frontend frameworks but I have worked with Elixir and have a project with typescript in the work.

I am confident in my ability to learn new concepts quickly and have no problem asking for resources and help when I need it.


FRC Programmer (2017-2020)

FRC 5025

C++ Robotics Programming

  • learned from an experienced software developer at Fanshawe College about the basics of C++ and C
  • used multiple libraries and C++ build technology like gradle for c++ in eclipse and vscode.

Java Robotics Programming

  • Mix of self-taught and educated basics of Java. Creating multiple involved Java projects to assist in developing the robot. (custom event logging, custom field and competition simulation tool and autonomous path generation tools)
  • Created advanced robotics systems that worked together and underwent rigorous testing with other sub teams to perfect the final product.

Python Programming

  • Explored the basics of python and created a complex vision system for the robot to automate aiming a projectile launcher.
  • Other autonomous actions were simplified for the driver using python.

Greenfield Ethanol (2017)

QlikView Developer

  • Underwent QlikView certified training to understand the QlikView systems and its query/programming language.
  • Customized existing and created new QlikView KPAs for the production and sales teams.
  • Edited undocumented proprietary query language.
  • Combined existing data in QlikView with a custom data source.

CubeCraft (2021)

Platform Engineer

  • Went through onboarding and setup a Java production environment.
  • Used Java libraries like Quarkus and GraphQL
  • Participated in weekly meetings and stand-ups.