carter tomlenovich

String nick = new String("hyperlisk");



Hey! My name is Carter Tomlenovich, on the internet I go by Hyperlisk. I enjoy programming and recording music. This website is all about my programming experience and contains a few things I need and hopefully things that some other people might find cool. A tutorial for a few languages, some mistakes I’ve made along the way and some interesting things I have encoutered will be on this site.

programming experience

| Language --- Experience |
| Elixer    |      4      |
| C++       |      6      |
| Java      |      7      |
| Python    |      7      |
| Rust      |      3      |

I have a very good understanding of Python and Java. Most of my projects are built in Java. Lighter things and math related projects are built in Python.

C++ and Rust are languages I learned because of a quick scourge into microelectronics and circuitry.

Elixer was just something I tried because it was different. Not a whole lot of use cases for me personally.



  - A game engine created in java because I wanted too.


  - X-Server window manager to learn what x-server does.


  - The vision system in place for 2019 game, Deep Space (5024)


  - A remake of the Wii Play minigame.