hyperlisk.dev contains all of the personal understanding and recorded information for tasks and cyber related things I encounter. I want this to be a place where most of my ideas are developed and hopefully turn this space into a fun teaching resource and maybe something to make some good change.

  • Mastering eForensics: Ubuntu Forensics

    In my journey to learn the evolving topic of IT and cybersecurity, I am taking as much of an advantage of the resources I am given through my schooling. My program coordinator has a full school subscription to several magazines and other educational deals on training/certifications. [Read More]
  • Code Snippet #2

    Welcome to Code Snippet #2, this one is for LeetCode #530 - Minimum Absolute Difference in BST (Binary Search Tree). [Read More]
  • Code Snippet #1

    As an introduction, I want to start doing Leetcode and other problem styles and posting them to my website. Each one will be a single problem, I will go through the problem and take out bits and bytes that interest me and will be useful to solving the problem. Then,... [Read More]
  • Production Programming: Part 1

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    This will be a blog series containing a bunch of information about the project warehouse and general production programming informations. I want to explore tons of different concepts with warehouse and with that, record some of the experience I have with tools like Kubernetes, Github Actions, GraphQL and lots of... [Read More]